So what do we do if we have activity?

Well first I will tell you do not panic. If it has not physically lifted you up and flung you out the door already it probably will not…at least not for now. Calmness should always prevail so we all can understand what is taking place in your home or business.

1) Keep a Log

Write down exactly what is happening, who was there and what time it happened. Be specific about what is taking place. Where were you in the room when you saw it. Who else was there and where were they. Who else was in the home. Was the TV or radio on? Was the computer on? What did it look like? Did it move? Did it say something? What did you hear? Male or female voice? etc. These pieces of information are very important to us. If you write it down right away you will not forget or strain to remember what really happened.

2) Try to Debunk It

Make sure if you hear a noise that it is not the TV in the other room. That it is not people outside your window in the street or in their homes or yards that you are hearing. You would be surprised how well voices and noises carry and most times they sound like they are right in your room.

3) Remain Calm

Now you noticed I said that already but it is very important and here’s why…once you hear something you believe to be paranormal, every sound you hear that you cannot see happening you believe it paranormal. It is how our brains react. So because you saw a shadow and now you are hearing noises in the kitchen, you may be surprised that it is your fridge making its normal noises (even the ice maker). Keeping a level head will distinguish between what is real and what is paranormal.

4) Contact PPI

We will take your information very seriously and work with you to determine what is happening in your home or business. We are extremely discreet. We do not say where we were, ever and will never use your name. We are not in this for our 15 minutes of fame! We are here to help people with their paranormal problems get answers..

5) Investigation

We will do a prelim investigation to determine if the activity is taking place. If we come to do a full investigation, please no friends, no relatives, no children, just the home residents. Period. Others contaminate the results. If something is showing itself to you and your spouse, if you have your friend there, guess what? It may not show itself and the night is a waste. We are strict on that. No children under will have to find a babysitter for the night. If you have a big, vicious dog, it MUST remain outside during the investigation.

We want to help those that require our assistance.

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Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth….

Steve again here….

Recently we are once again experiencing a very disturbing trend for us…the omission of important information about a case or the twisting of truth. I should let you know, for over 18 years I was an internal auditor in NYC Fortune 500 company. I hear what you say very closely and will catch it if you suddenly change part of the story. Luckily I am not alone in this “talent” as all of our PPI group members are also extremely observant and listen closely.

It started about a year ago on an investigation. Midway during the night, the homeowner changed a story she had told us earlier. We immediately ceased the investigation after a group discussion (only to find out, that during this snow storm, the homeowners kept their 3 children outside in the car – after telling us her mom was picking them up – it was about 5 degrees outside! We were livid!!).

A few months ago we had an investigation where during the night a story changed 3 times from what was told at the prelim. When one of our investigators was getting a name, the person immediately said yes there was a previous tenant with a name that began with that letter and had six characters. Problem was at beginning EVP session, this homeowner stated she did not have any time to do any research on any of the previous owners or names, etc.

During another investigation, one of the people in a home tell us that another group had investigated there recently and had still sent no evidence. Also, one of the homeowners used to be a paranormal investigator with another group in the State (probably the group who came to investigate). ALL things that were strangely left out during the interview process when asked specifically about it. How do you trust what you find when you begin to believe this might be some “test” from some a**holes who may not have anything better to do than to try to discredit another group? Luckily we do not worry about things like that as we are there to investigate and investigate professionally and thoroughly at every location.

Another prelim investigation a year or so ago….People were claiming to experience things and that their son was also seeing this spirit (they even had a name for the spirit). No one else in the home saw it. One resident had an experience where they claim they were pushed but nothing else. Then during questioning, the homeowner tells me they see a man on the ladder of the steps leading up to the attic (pull down steps). They see him standing there on steps…an older man. During this conversation, homeowner states she was part of a paranormal group previously (so I am thinking why don’t they come and check this out?) When we go downstairs, I ask the husband (he is a non believer there) about the attic and if it is a finished attic. He states, only been up there once when we first moved in (2 months earlier) and had set up a ladder and looked in. I said, you mean you pulled down the folding ladder on the attic door, he states there is NO ladder attached to the door…you have to set up a ladder to go up there and it has only been opened once by him.

Oh and lets not forget the investigation where the residents had a video on their cell phone to show us. In home during prelim they stated on the video you hear the spirit.  They played it for me in home, but could not hear it from small cell phone speaker (no old age jokes here please). Asked them to send it to my phone. Long story short, we get it, no other voice on video. When confronted, “Oh yeah, we do not hear anything either, just child talking to the spirit”. Guess today, children can no longer have imaginary friends thanks to the paranormal?

So here ya go folks…..Do Not Lie to us…we listen and will in the future immediately stop investigating, wrap up and go home if we catch you lying. If you are a paranormal group and not getting investigations and trying to “catch” a group that is working almost weekly, take up knitting or bowling. Do not waste our time. If I catch you doing this, I will do everything in my power to make sure you are so discredited by Local and State Media and Facebook and Twitter you will want to crawl under a rock and hide! You are wasting my time, my team’s time and a lot of energy from us for your “experiment”.

To home owners, if we do not find anything on our prelim investigations, we probably and it is very highly likely we will not be back. We do not investigate every call. We know the “buzz things” you tell a group and if we go do a prelim and find nothing, it is just your words and stories and we do not investigate words….sorry. We are here willingly to help those in need of our help and time and give it without thought to help those in need not as an entertainment group.

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Are you willing to sacrifice?

I hear people talk about being a Paranormal Investigator all of the time. Now I would like to talk about those who are already in groups throughout the country. Many do some long hours for their passion. They understand what it means to be there for others.

With that being said, how many of you out there are willing to give up most of your weekends? Then you will also have to give up a few nights of your coming week to review evidence. Very easy to say “I’m in”…”I would love to do that!” But when it comes to frequently giving up a good part of your personal time, it is not so easy. Trust me, I know!

When you make a commitment in this field to help others, you do so without prejudice and without selfishness also. Trust me when I tell you many times I am exhausted after working all week. Sometimes I am doing work around the house all day as I only get weekends to do it. About 2 hours before we are ready to leave, I would love nothing more than to say the heck with it, make up some excuse or just not show up. This happens a lot and in many groups I speak to. I can tell you Jenn & I took an oath to each other that we are either in or we are out. We either do this, and do it all the way or we step away from the field. It means sometimes every weekend or at least every other weekend sacrificing from things we would “like” to do. Time away from family. Time away from the recliner. Maybe going to the mall, or antique place. Maybe doing some of the hobbies we like to do together. But we are ALWAYS aware of why we are in this field. HELPING OTHERS!

HELPING OTHERS means no excuses. Unless you are sick and will risk the homeowners and other members health or there is an emergency in your family (real emergency) you grunt and go. You put your word out that you would help. You committed yourself to being there for others. You may not think so, but your presence is helping others deal with their problems. You do not pick and choose which investigations you wish to go to. You are available for all no matter how much of a drive it is!

Hey, it happens in every group (as I mentioned). Most paranormal groups have the same problem. But this is a warning to those thinking about becoming a member of a group…make the commitment…be all in or get out. Not joining because every once in a while is fun. If that is the case, go to a group that only goes now and then and investigates public buildings. Leave the serious investigations for the serious investigators. If not, you will find yourself removed from that group anyway so do not waste everyone’s time and money. If you are really not that into it, remove yourself from a group. It is OK….most groups only want members who are committed anyway.

So think hard before thinking I want to do this….I want to join a group….it is a real hard job being a true Paranormal Investigator!

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Investigation Tips

Over the weekend I was asked for some tips on not only investigating but on how to start a group. Listed below is some tips on both:

When starting a group find friends that you know with the same interest, make sure you can trust each person. You will be going into homes and you want to make sure that each member is honest and will not steal from the home. You want to know that they have your back at all times and when they hear or see something you know it’s real and not something they are making up because they are bored.

Purchasing equipment is going to be your biggest expense, if you can purchase all of it at once, great, if not start out with at least a good recorder and a camera. The recorder should have a usb so this way it is easier to listen to and can be put on your computer instead of just on the recorder itself.

If you have no experience at all, investigate public locations, such as Thornhaven Manor, Old Haunted Jail, etc. not only will you get experience but also pick up some great evidence that you can build upon.

Now, tips while on your investigation:

Don’t assume that everything you hear, everything that you feel or see is paranormal. Try to debunk first.

There is some who will walk into a room and say, “oh, it’s heavy in here”, yes, you will find that in every home or building, why, well, any negative energy, arguments, etc is in a room or home or building. There is not 1 person in the world who doesn’t have an argument or disagreement with someone. If a room or home is heavy do your investigation first to see if there is something there that would cause it to be heavy and not just leftover energy from arguments. To many people jump to the conclusion that there is paranormal activity based on this alone.

When you see smudges, make sure that they were not already there, if you don’t know, ask the homeowner and make sure that your own members didn’t move something to set up cameras etc. Make sure that it could not have been created by human hands, if you say something about it and the homeowner is not freaked out by it, chances are pretty good it was already there.

When you hear something, make sure that it was not someone in another room talking or that it is not the furnace, refrigerator or anything else that could make that noise before you say it’s paranormal.

Remember you will be leaving the home or building, others will still be there and the last thing that you want to do is frighten them.

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Sorry to see it end!

Well we were privileged to have had the opportunity to meet so many people this year on our 2014 Library Tour. Whether we had a room with 80+ people or a room with just 3-4 people the conversations were always lively. We hope that we were at least informative during the presentation. We tried to inject some humor to help pass the time a little easier. We tried to give you what you wanted…some audio and video evidence on what we found on our investigations.

We loved hearing your stories about your own paranormal experiences. Your interpretations of what you experienced. The questions were intriguing to hear. Some people asked us the same questions from one presentation to the other which is OK but others took us by surprise. Every presentation was refreshing for us.

I know we made some skeptics think a little harder about what they do not believe in. We were not trying to make them believers, just to keep a very open mind about the paranormal. Being a skeptic is a good thing in this field. But an open mind is a requirement.

Jenn & I traveled a lot to see you all. We even had Missy and Robyn with us at a few presentations. We did not mind the travel or the hectic days to get there from work…it is the way our group operates. At many Libraries we were offered money for our travel expenses. We ALWAYS refused and asked them to take that money and purchase a few more paranormal book for their branch. We gave out a list of books we have read which I will post below. We are asked many times why use the Library to do the presentations? The Library is such an important and heavily underfunded niche in our society. It is important to support your local Library – it IS a learning institution! When you see a library program try your best to attend it. We have seen some awesome programs being offered at Libraries across the state for November & December. If you have a magazine you just read, do not throw it out…give it to the Library so others may read it. Same holds true for good condition books.

Remember that PPI is always available though for any organization that would like our presentation. We feel that the more people know what really goes on and is found the stronger the knowledge of the paranormal will become. As I said time and time again, Hollywood and TV are fine…they opened doors…but we want to be sure people thoroughly understand what they are experiencing – especially Ouiji Boards.

Another thing we did this year was a few Teen Lock Downs at the Library. We would speak to the tweens and teens about the paranormal…answer any questions they had…then take them on a mock investigation of the library. There they learned the things we watch for, that could contaminate evidence and even let them do some EVP sessions. Some with some interesting results!!

Next year we will be back to many of the Libraries we were at this year. Jenn & I have a whole new presentation we will be offering. Check your local libraries in October next year. If you do not see us there….ask for us.

Now we return to investigating…helping those in need….Exploring The Unknown!

Here are some of the books we read and recommend you get and read from the Library:

Bill Bean – Dark Force, Delivered
Caron B. Goode – Kids Who See Ghosts
Kat Klockow – Haunted Hoosier Halls Indiana University
Steven LaChance – The Uninvited, Blessed Are the Wicked: The Terrifying Sequel to The Uninvited
Jim O’Rear – Tennessee Ghosts
Troy Parkinson – Bridge to the Afterlife
Meg Blackburn Losey – The Secret History of Consciousness, Touching the Light, The Art of Living Out Loud
Dave Markowitz – Healing With Source
Michael Brill – Numerology For Healing
Kathy Stone Amrhein – Amber’s Haunting
Amanda Browning – Birth of the Nyxian (The Immortal Choice Series Book 1, Phoenix Awakened (The Immortal Choice Series Book 2) If you would like to contact Amanda Browning or have questions or comments about her books you can contact her on Facebook.
Sally Dubats – The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds, Winter Shock
John Zaffis – Shadows Of the Dark
Susan Rushing – Suicide From The Other Side
Chip Coffey – Growing Up Psychic
John Holland – Born Knowing, Spirit Whisperer, Power of the soul, Psychic Navigator
John Edward – Infinite Quest (I would suggest all of his books)
Teresa Caputo – There’s More To Life Than This
Jack Rourke – Rational Psychic
Linda and Terry Jamison – SEPARATED AT EARTH: The Story of the Psychic Twins, Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition
Rita Gigante – Godfather’s Daughter

This is a small list of books that I have read, most are in my own personal collection, I have many other books that discuss many other things, not just about the paranormal.

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Last Presentation For 2014

We are at the end of our presentations for 2014. There is one more Saturday and the winners will be notified on Sunday that will be investigating with us. Steve and I have enjoyed all of the presentations this year, it was great meeting everyone and hearing all of the stories and loved all of the questions.

During all of the presentations we also continued to do investigations and we are gathering more evidence for next year. There is other things that we are working on for next year as well. Hopefully by this time next year there will be a book or 2 that is published by Steve and myself.

I will announce the winners here also on Sunday, November 9th and will also update all of you about the investigation as well as pictures and hopefully some video.


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What Have I Been Doing?

Hello Everyone!

Just an update to what I have been doing lately. Last Saturday my husband Steve and I went to Lexington Ky to Scarefest. This was the first time we had been there and we had a great time. We met some really cool people, not all paranormal investigators. We did get to meet some of the members of Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International. Not only did we meet them but also Chip Coffey! To say that I was excited would be putting it mildly. We also attended his presentation where he did some readings but also answered questions that we had. He is so funny!!! The Booth Brothers were there which I was very happy to meet as well. Christopher, his brother and Rachel (Christopher’s wife) were so nice, meeting them was one of the reasons I wanted to go.

Be Sure to check out The Booth Brothers Movie that premiers October 6th!

The Booth Brothers

Steve and Tango

Steve and Tango

Chip Coffey

Chip Coffey

Grant Wilson

Grant Wilson

The next picture that you will see is a group that comes to our presentations every year. They spotted us there and came up and talked to us, I told them since they always take pics of us I was taking one of them.

Great Friends

Great Friends

I am also getting ready for our presentations that start at the end of this month. We will be in Lawrenceburg on the 29th at 6 pm.

Library Presentation

Library Presentation

Looking forward to hearing all of your stories!!

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