So what do we do if we have activity?

Well first I will tell you do not panic. If it has not physically lifted you up and flung you out the door already it probably will not…at least not for now. Calmness should always prevail so we all can understand what is taking place in your home or business.

1) Keep a Log

Write down exactly what is happening, who was there and what time it happened. Be specific about what is taking place. Where were you in the room when you saw it. Who else was there and where were they. Who else was in the home. Was the TV or radio on? Was the computer on? What did it look like? Did it move? Did it say something? What did you hear? Male or female voice? etc. These pieces of information are very important to us. If you write it down right away you will not forget or strain to remember what really happened.

2) Try to Debunk It

Make sure if you hear a noise that it is not the TV in the other room. That it is not people outside your window in the street or in their homes or yards that you are hearing. You would be surprised how well voices and noises carry and most times they sound like they are right in your room.

3) Remain Calm

Now you noticed I said that already but it is very important and here’s why…once you hear something you believe to be paranormal, every sound you hear that you cannot see happening you believe it paranormal. It is how our brains react. So because you saw a shadow and now you are hearing noises in the kitchen, you may be surprised that it is your fridge making its normal noises (even the ice maker). Keeping a level head will distinguish between what is real and what is paranormal.

4) Contact PPI

We will take your information very seriously and work with you to determine what is happening in your home or business. We are extremely discreet. We do not say where we were, ever and will never use your name. We are not in this for our 15 minutes of fame! We are here to help people with their paranormal problems get answers..

5) Investigation

We will do a prelim investigation to determine if the activity is taking place. If we come to do a full investigation, please no friends, no relatives, no children, just the home residents. Period. Others contaminate the results. If something is showing itself to you and your spouse, if you have your friend there, guess what? It may not show itself and the night is a waste. We are strict on that. No children under will have to find a babysitter for the night. If you have a big, vicious dog, it MUST remain outside during the investigation.

We want to help those that require our assistance.


About PPI Jennifer

I guess we have to thank Television especially Reality TV for bringing paranormal investigating into the common accepted practices of today's society. If you think about it, 15 years ago you'd expect to see a bunch of geeky people running around chasing ghosts or spirits around cemeteries. Even though it has been investigated and documented for centuries, everyday culture has just begun to accept the fact that there is something else going on we cannot explain. That the people experiencing this activity are not crazy. That we can be seeing shadows or hearing voices and experiencing out of the ordinary activity which cannot be explained. This is where Professional Paranormal Investigations comes in. PPI as we like to call it was started by paranormal investigators Jennifer & Steve Hodgson. Having conducted investigations with another group, they decided they wanted to bring the paranormal investigations to the next level. There are so many "Ghost Hunting" groups in every city, many of which come and go a year later. Some do it strictly for fun and the thrill of the hunt. Some mean well but do not take what they are doing very seriously. This bothered Jenn & Steve. If a homeowner or business owner is experiencing activity and are requesting assistance it should become an immediate priority. It is a priority to the person calling since they are experiencing activity and want answers...why should the investigative group not be 100% serious and professional in return? You can be assured that at PPI we WILL ALWAYS take your case seriously. We are available to assist you. We know that you are seeking answers. Well amazingly so are we. We take a different approach though to an investigation than most others. We have consulted numerous parapsychologists on what to look for and what we should be doing. We scientifically document everything we do. If we experience something, we immediately attempt to debunk what is happening. Sorry, 9 times out of 10 "orbs" are just dust. If an EVP is not clear and if not everyone hears the same thing clearly on first listen, then it is not an EVP. Maybe it is noise...maybe it is a voice, we do not discharge what we find, we just place it in the body of evidence. We use sensitives to assist us during investigations. Some of our investigators "may" be able to gather some additional information on the energies present. We use this information to see if our scientific evidence matches their findings. If it does, the evidence becomes much more credible from both perspectives. We try our best to help as many people as possible who are truly in need.
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