Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth….

Steve again here….

Recently we are once again experiencing a very disturbing trend for us…the omission of important information about a case or the twisting of truth. I should let you know, for over 18 years I was an internal auditor in NYC Fortune 500 company. I hear what you say very closely and will catch it if you suddenly change part of the story. Luckily I am not alone in this “talent” as all of our PPI group members are also extremely observant and listen closely.

It started about a year ago on an investigation. Midway during the night, the homeowner changed a story she had told us earlier. We immediately ceased the investigation after a group discussion (only to find out, that during this snow storm, the homeowners kept their 3 children outside in the car – after telling us her mom was picking them up – it was about 5 degrees outside! We were livid!!).

A few months ago we had an investigation where during the night a story changed 3 times from what was told at the prelim. When one of our investigators was getting a name, the person immediately said yes there was a previous tenant with a name that began with that letter and had six characters. Problem was at beginning EVP session, this homeowner stated she did not have any time to do any research on any of the previous owners or names, etc.

During another investigation, one of the people in a home tell us that another group had investigated there recently and had still sent no evidence. Also, one of the homeowners used to be a paranormal investigator with another group in the State (probably the group who came to investigate). ALL things that were strangely left out during the interview process when asked specifically about it. How do you trust what you find when you begin to believe this might be some “test” from some a**holes who may not have anything better to do than to try to discredit another group? Luckily we do not worry about things like that as we are there to investigate and investigate professionally and thoroughly at every location.

Another prelim investigation a year or so ago….People were claiming to experience things and that their son was also seeing this spirit (they even had a name for the spirit). No one else in the home saw it. One resident had an experience where they claim they were pushed but nothing else. Then during questioning, the homeowner tells me they see a man on the ladder of the steps leading up to the attic (pull down steps). They see him standing there on steps…an older man. During this conversation, homeowner states she was part of a paranormal group previously (so I am thinking why don’t they come and check this out?) When we go downstairs, I ask the husband (he is a non believer there) about the attic and if it is a finished attic. He states, only been up there once when we first moved in (2 months earlier) and had set up a ladder and looked in. I said, you mean you pulled down the folding ladder on the attic door, he states there is NO ladder attached to the door…you have to set up a ladder to go up there and it has only been opened once by him.

Oh and lets not forget the investigation where the residents had a video on their cell phone to show us. In home during prelim they stated on the video you hear the spirit.  They played it for me in home, but could not hear it from small cell phone speaker (no old age jokes here please). Asked them to send it to my phone. Long story short, we get it, no other voice on video. When confronted, “Oh yeah, we do not hear anything either, just child talking to the spirit”. Guess today, children can no longer have imaginary friends thanks to the paranormal?

So here ya go folks…..Do Not Lie to us…we listen and will in the future immediately stop investigating, wrap up and go home if we catch you lying. If you are a paranormal group and not getting investigations and trying to “catch” a group that is working almost weekly, take up knitting or bowling. Do not waste our time. If I catch you doing this, I will do everything in my power to make sure you are so discredited by Local and State Media and Facebook and Twitter you will want to crawl under a rock and hide! You are wasting my time, my team’s time and a lot of energy from us for your “experiment”.

To home owners, if we do not find anything on our prelim investigations, we probably and it is very highly likely we will not be back. We do not investigate every call. We know the “buzz things” you tell a group and if we go do a prelim and find nothing, it is just your words and stories and we do not investigate words….sorry. We are here willingly to help those in need of our help and time and give it without thought to help those in need not as an entertainment group.


About PPI Jennifer

I guess we have to thank Television especially Reality TV for bringing paranormal investigating into the common accepted practices of today's society. If you think about it, 15 years ago you'd expect to see a bunch of geeky people running around chasing ghosts or spirits around cemeteries. Even though it has been investigated and documented for centuries, everyday culture has just begun to accept the fact that there is something else going on we cannot explain. That the people experiencing this activity are not crazy. That we can be seeing shadows or hearing voices and experiencing out of the ordinary activity which cannot be explained. This is where Professional Paranormal Investigations comes in. PPI as we like to call it was started by paranormal investigators Jennifer & Steve Hodgson. Having conducted investigations with another group, they decided they wanted to bring the paranormal investigations to the next level. There are so many "Ghost Hunting" groups in every city, many of which come and go a year later. Some do it strictly for fun and the thrill of the hunt. Some mean well but do not take what they are doing very seriously. This bothered Jenn & Steve. If a homeowner or business owner is experiencing activity and are requesting assistance it should become an immediate priority. It is a priority to the person calling since they are experiencing activity and want answers...why should the investigative group not be 100% serious and professional in return? You can be assured that at PPI we WILL ALWAYS take your case seriously. We are available to assist you. We know that you are seeking answers. Well amazingly so are we. We take a different approach though to an investigation than most others. We have consulted numerous parapsychologists on what to look for and what we should be doing. We scientifically document everything we do. If we experience something, we immediately attempt to debunk what is happening. Sorry, 9 times out of 10 "orbs" are just dust. If an EVP is not clear and if not everyone hears the same thing clearly on first listen, then it is not an EVP. Maybe it is noise...maybe it is a voice, we do not discharge what we find, we just place it in the body of evidence. We use sensitives to assist us during investigations. Some of our investigators "may" be able to gather some additional information on the energies present. We use this information to see if our scientific evidence matches their findings. If it does, the evidence becomes much more credible from both perspectives. We try our best to help as many people as possible who are truly in need.
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