Sorry to see it end!

Well we were privileged to have had the opportunity to meet so many people this year on our 2014 Library Tour. Whether we had a room with 80+ people or a room with just 3-4 people the conversations were always lively. We hope that we were at least informative during the presentation. We tried to inject some humor to help pass the time a little easier. We tried to give you what you wanted…some audio and video evidence on what we found on our investigations.

We loved hearing your stories about your own paranormal experiences. Your interpretations of what you experienced. The questions were intriguing to hear. Some people asked us the same questions from one presentation to the other which is OK but others took us by surprise. Every presentation was refreshing for us.

I know we made some skeptics think a little harder about what they do not believe in. We were not trying to make them believers, just to keep a very open mind about the paranormal. Being a skeptic is a good thing in this field. But an open mind is a requirement.

Jenn & I traveled a lot to see you all. We even had Missy and Robyn with us at a few presentations. We did not mind the travel or the hectic days to get there from work…it is the way our group operates. At many Libraries we were offered money for our travel expenses. We ALWAYS refused and asked them to take that money and purchase a few more paranormal book for their branch. We gave out a list of books we have read which I will post below. We are asked many times why use the Library to do the presentations? The Library is such an important and heavily underfunded niche in our society. It is important to support your local Library – it IS a learning institution! When you see a library program try your best to attend it. We have seen some awesome programs being offered at Libraries across the state for November & December. If you have a magazine you just read, do not throw it out…give it to the Library so others may read it. Same holds true for good condition books.

Remember that PPI is always available though for any organization that would like our presentation. We feel that the more people know what really goes on and is found the stronger the knowledge of the paranormal will become. As I said time and time again, Hollywood and TV are fine…they opened doors…but we want to be sure people thoroughly understand what they are experiencing – especially Ouiji Boards.

Another thing we did this year was a few Teen Lock Downs at the Library. We would speak to the tweens and teens about the paranormal…answer any questions they had…then take them on a mock investigation of the library. There they learned the things we watch for, that could contaminate evidence and even let them do some EVP sessions. Some with some interesting results!!

Next year we will be back to many of the Libraries we were at this year. Jenn & I have a whole new presentation we will be offering. Check your local libraries in October next year. If you do not see us there….ask for us.

Now we return to investigating…helping those in need….Exploring The Unknown!

Here are some of the books we read and recommend you get and read from the Library:

Bill Bean – Dark Force, Delivered
Caron B. Goode – Kids Who See Ghosts
Kat Klockow – Haunted Hoosier Halls Indiana University
Steven LaChance – The Uninvited, Blessed Are the Wicked: The Terrifying Sequel to The Uninvited
Jim O’Rear – Tennessee Ghosts
Troy Parkinson – Bridge to the Afterlife
Meg Blackburn Losey – The Secret History of Consciousness, Touching the Light, The Art of Living Out Loud
Dave Markowitz – Healing With Source
Michael Brill – Numerology For Healing
Kathy Stone Amrhein – Amber’s Haunting
Amanda Browning – Birth of the Nyxian (The Immortal Choice Series Book 1, Phoenix Awakened (The Immortal Choice Series Book 2) If you would like to contact Amanda Browning or have questions or comments about her books you can contact her on Facebook.
Sally Dubats – The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds, Winter Shock
John Zaffis – Shadows Of the Dark
Susan Rushing – Suicide From The Other Side
Chip Coffey – Growing Up Psychic
John Holland – Born Knowing, Spirit Whisperer, Power of the soul, Psychic Navigator
John Edward – Infinite Quest (I would suggest all of his books)
Teresa Caputo – There’s More To Life Than This
Jack Rourke – Rational Psychic
Linda and Terry Jamison – SEPARATED AT EARTH: The Story of the Psychic Twins, Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition
Rita Gigante – Godfather’s Daughter

This is a small list of books that I have read, most are in my own personal collection, I have many other books that discuss many other things, not just about the paranormal.

About Professional Paranormal Investigations

I guess we have to thank Television especially Reality TV for bringing paranormal investigating into the common accepted practices of today's society. If you think about it, 15 years ago you'd expect to see a bunch of geeky people running around chasing ghosts or spirits around cemeteries. Even though it has been investigated and documented for centuries, everyday culture has just begun to accept the fact that there is something else going on we cannot explain. That the people experiencing this activity are not crazy. That we can be seeing shadows or hearing voices and experiencing out of the ordinary activity which cannot be explained. This is where Professional Paranormal Investigations comes in. PPI as we like to call it was started by paranormal investigators Jennifer & Steve Hodgson. Having conducted investigations with another group, they decided they wanted to bring the paranormal investigations to the next level. There are so many "Ghost Hunting" groups in every city, many of which come and go a year later. Some do it strictly for fun and the thrill of the hunt. Some mean well but do not take what they are doing very seriously. This bothered Jenn & Steve. If a homeowner or business owner is experiencing activity and are requesting assistance it should become an immediate priority. It is a priority to the person calling since they are experiencing activity and want answers...why should the investigative group not be 100% serious and professional in return? You can be assured that at PPI we WILL ALWAYS take your case seriously. We are available to assist you. We know that you are seeking answers. Well amazingly so are we. We take a different approach though to an investigation than most others. We have consulted numerous parapsychologists on what to look for and what we should be doing. We scientifically document everything we do. If we experience something, we immediately attempt to debunk what is happening. Sorry, 9 times out of 10 "orbs" are just dust. If an EVP is not clear and if not everyone hears the same thing clearly on first listen, then it is not an EVP. Maybe it is noise...maybe it is a voice, we do not discharge what we find, we just place it in the body of evidence. We use sensitives to assist us during investigations. Some of our investigators "may" be able to gather some additional information on the energies present. We use this information to see if our scientific evidence matches their findings. If it does, the evidence becomes much more credible from both perspectives. We try our best to help as many people as possible who are truly in need.
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3 Responses to Sorry to see it end!

  1. Vicky Rosemeyer says:

    Thank you for your wonderful presentation at the Tyson Library at Versailles, IN. It was the first time I have heard you spoke, and I really enjoyed it!!! It was amazing to learn of all the new equipment now used in paranormal investigations. It is a far cry from the flashlight days of when I did ghost hunting, years ago. I look forward to next season, and will be delighted to hear of your new adventures. Thank you so much for the work you do, in helping people to feel better in their own homes. I personally know how scary it is to live in a place and hear things you can not explain. Keep up the great and wonderful work you do. It was a pleasure to meet you all !


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