Investigation Our Group Will Never Forget

My first investigation was done at the Old Blackford County Hospital. My husband and I were doing pod cast interviews at the time and was invited to go with a group to this location.

We arrived around 3 in the afternoon to do a walk through with the owners daughter. While waiting for her to arrive I looked around on the outside, it looked like your normal hospital, brick on the outside, shrubs, etc. No broken windows, nothing that would indicate there was any kind of activity. However once inside my thoughts changed.

As we began our walk through, the building was very clean, still lots of furniture inside the building, it still had the hospital feel even though this building had been used for many things, such as a salon, Ivy Tech had used a couple of the rooms for classes, and other businesses as well.

The entire group walked with the owner’s daughter to the end of the hall, to me it is a T shape since you could either go back to where we started or to the left or right. We stopped so she could tell us things that happened in the hallway and other rooms in this hallway. One of those of a man who was scraping blood off of the floor and the razor blade that he was using going up into the air and landing just below his eye. Another of a man who was hired to finish the floors, frozen and could not move as a black shadow came toward him. He left, equipment and all and never came back, not even for his paycheck.

As I stood in this hallway I had an image of a little baby, a boy, under the age of one. A feeling of dread that something was going to happen in 6 months and the connection was to my family. I put the thoughts aside and continued on with everyone else.

When setting up equipment in this building you never went anywhere alone, you always did this in pairs, for safety reasons. Sometimes you would hear a radio playing, the only problem with a radio playing is there is no electricity in this building, you needed a generator to do anything.

During this investigation while upstairs in the psych ward, I kept telling my fellow investigators that we need to go to the kitchen, I said this a few times and we finally did go there, I kept telling them that something is in there, my husband, Steve thought that I was hearing the rest of the group, almost in tears I said, “No, You are not listening to me”! As I said that he saw a black shadow go into one of the door ways.

Sitting in the nurse’s station, on the top of the desk, four of us were sitting quietly, no cameras on, no flashlights, (this room is very small), there was a wooden desk sitting in front of us and out of no-where this ball of light forms up out of the table and then just disappears! We were all looking at each other and saying, “Did you see that”? This is the only time that we ever saw this light but something we will never forget.

In the same hallway, two things happened, not at the same investigation though, during the first investigation we were all sitting in the hallway, we were listening to the owners daughter talk about her brother who had died (he was hit by a drunk driver), all of a sudden we see this ball of light go quickly down the wall in front of us and then just as quickly come back up the same direction, at this same time at the far end of the hallway a couple of the investigators saw a big black shadow pass quickly. That just fueled everyone even more to find out what was there in the building.

The second event that took place was during another investigation. During this investigation although there had been no rain at all, the walls, floors and ceilings were sweating, as the night went on the water was worse. This is the only time this ever happened. Our group had just finished in a room that we called the records room (filing cabinets where information for patients would have been kept), we all walked to the end of the hallway when my phone started ringing, (my phone was in the lobby), I knew who was calling even though I did not have my phone with me at the time, anyway, I went to answer my phone and two of the investigators continued forward, at the time that I was answering my phone, (owner’s daughter called, she had a bad dream and had to call me, she thought I was in danger), Jamie (female investigator) had what she thought was a child grab her legs, another investigator that was with her said that he thought it was a small child as well. Later in the night I asked the question, “Are you the child that grabbed Jamie’s legs”? Listening back on the recorder the answer we received, “No, it was me.” Not a child’s voice but an adult males voice.

There is many things that we saw or heard at this location, some of the evidence that we have found on recorder is, get out, I hate to be next to Steve, Look in the camera, etc. There is many, many more, some that I won’t repeat, lots of cussing, names of our investigators that is said, an evil breathing, just so much in one location. Our group has done videos on You Tube that talks about this location and some of the things that we experienced.

The last investigation that we ever did in this hospital was not as active as it was in the past, however, in the psych ward hallway, there was a piece of wood on the floor, not a big piece, we walked over that all night long and it never moved, the last session (question, answer, etc), we did, finished and left, on camera we have this piece of wood moving and then flinging across the floor. It’s rare that you get things on camera so when you do it’s awesome.

In this building before any investigation that our group did, (we did about 7), there was a walk through that had to be done, not because we did not know the building but because there was homeless people who would break in and live, sleep, etc. Sometimes kids would even break in and play around. Sadly this was not the place to be playing around. There was something very evil in this building. The owners tried to give it away and people who looked at the building left rather quickly saying they did not want it.

The owners let the building go and the county took it back and has been sold, hopefully the building will remain peaceful.

About Professional Paranormal Investigations

I guess we have to thank Television especially Reality TV for bringing paranormal investigating into the common accepted practices of today's society. If you think about it, 15 years ago you'd expect to see a bunch of geeky people running around chasing ghosts or spirits around cemeteries. Even though it has been investigated and documented for centuries, everyday culture has just begun to accept the fact that there is something else going on we cannot explain. That the people experiencing this activity are not crazy. That we can be seeing shadows or hearing voices and experiencing out of the ordinary activity which cannot be explained. This is where Professional Paranormal Investigations comes in. PPI as we like to call it was started by paranormal investigators Jennifer & Steve Hodgson. Having conducted investigations with another group, they decided they wanted to bring the paranormal investigations to the next level. There are so many "Ghost Hunting" groups in every city, many of which come and go a year later. Some do it strictly for fun and the thrill of the hunt. Some mean well but do not take what they are doing very seriously. This bothered Jenn & Steve. If a homeowner or business owner is experiencing activity and are requesting assistance it should become an immediate priority. It is a priority to the person calling since they are experiencing activity and want answers...why should the investigative group not be 100% serious and professional in return? You can be assured that at PPI we WILL ALWAYS take your case seriously. We are available to assist you. We know that you are seeking answers. Well amazingly so are we. We take a different approach though to an investigation than most others. We have consulted numerous parapsychologists on what to look for and what we should be doing. We scientifically document everything we do. If we experience something, we immediately attempt to debunk what is happening. Sorry, 9 times out of 10 "orbs" are just dust. If an EVP is not clear and if not everyone hears the same thing clearly on first listen, then it is not an EVP. Maybe it is noise...maybe it is a voice, we do not discharge what we find, we just place it in the body of evidence. We use sensitives to assist us during investigations. Some of our investigators "may" be able to gather some additional information on the energies present. We use this information to see if our scientific evidence matches their findings. If it does, the evidence becomes much more credible from both perspectives. We try our best to help as many people as possible who are truly in need.
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2 Responses to Investigation Our Group Will Never Forget

  1. Vicky Rosemeyer says:

    I have been aware of the Paranormal all of my life, I recently attended a presentation by Steve and Jennifer in Versailles, IN. at the Tyson Library. I was very impressed, with their honesty, and caring attitudes. My frined and I really enjoyed ourselves, and this group is the REAL DEAL. Thank you both for educating the public about the Paranormal. You do a Fine job! 🙂


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